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 Liz and the Lions


With an animated yet meaningful flare Liz mixes the folky heartfelt angst of a singer/songwriter with the blend of acoustic indie rock music.

Fueled by stories that share incredible triumph and tragedies, Liz has turned her experiences into her own sound and message through her music. Liz narrates through tales of people, life lessons, experiences, themes and adventures she’s encountered along her journey of touring and traveling around the world.

"Liz and the Lions" is a playful name Liz created in order to set the theme for her music. Whether playing acoustic solo shows or with a full band, Liz is creating a world where she believe we should be bold, fierce and dangerous like lions.  

 Liz, an American from Orlando, Florida, now living in Nürnberg Germany, has been writing and performing since she was 15 years old. She has created and started two bands: Lady Francis and Liz and the Lions, as well as performed as a solo artist. She has recorded 6 studio albums and co-wrote music for other artist.

Liz has focused on keeping her venues as international as possible. She has toured and performed in over 20 countries: from music festivals in the United States, house shows in Germany, to stadium filled concerts in China. The purpose of Liz’s shows are to connect her audience with people and stories around the world.

Liz is not only participating in the music but also with the idea that music is capable of achieving so much more; that it was being created for a greater purpose. She hopes to inspire her listeners with music that calls them to be brave and fight for what they believe in. To live dangerously and wild.