We are Liz and the Lions


Based out of Nürnberg, Germany Liz and the Lions is an international, indie folk band. Mixing the folky heartfelt angst of a singer/songwriter with
the blend of rock and folk musicians, a powerful sound emerged from this group of artists and came together to form Liz and the Lions.

Though the band is comprised of Germans, Americans and Brits, their story began in a small German village in 2010. As friends from different countries, the band has focused on keeping their venues as international as possible. From house shows in Germany, Music festivals in the United States or concerts filled with thousands of people in China, the purpose of Liz and the Lions shows are to connect their audience with people and stories around the world



Vocals, Guitar / Liz Mannchen
Bass, Vocals / Uli Mannchen

Keyboard, Sampling, Vocals / Ruth Pool
Drums / Michi Simon 

Electric Guitar/ Thomas Vigh